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Silver Market

Over the past decade, silver prices have risen more than 600%. While past performance cannot guarantee future results, there are some market analysts who believe silver prices will continue to rise. Additionally, of all the precious metals, silver is relatively affordable on a per ounce basis. Here are a few facts about silver:

  • Silver prices rose 53% in 2009 and 73% in 2010. Silver prices have nearly tripled during the past five yearsi. Some analysts forecast silver may surpass its all time high of $50 per ounce reached in 1980.
  • Silver and gold are traditionally known as safe-haven investments. The U.S. dollar index has lost over 30% since 2002i. As the world faces scenarios like unprecedented government spending, high unemployment and the potential for future inflation, some analysts predict a continued decline of the U.S. dollar. Many people choose to own silver and other precious metals because they view them as a potential hedge against the possibility of a weakening buying power of the dollar.
  • Silver has many industrial uses and is among the best conductors of electricity and temperature. Computers, monitors, cell phones, batteries, TVs, washing machines, superconductors, light switches, refrigerators-almost all electronic devices-require silver.
  • Silver can be used to diversify retirement portfolios. Some individuals choose to include precious metals in their retirement accounts and certain physical silver products can be added to your IRA. Because precious metals are a long-term investment, a retirement portfolio is a natural place to consider owning silver.

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